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Inversions started out as a serendipitous project. I was experimenting with scanning some of my film negatives, and the process of converting them to digital involves inverting the tone curve, white balance and HSL sliders to make them look natural again. The adjustments obviously vary based on the film stock, so I created presets for each film in lightroom.

One day, as I was editing some of my digital images, I accidentally applied one of these presets and was suddenly presented with a rather psychedelic yet oddly captivating image of some strawberries! Since then I've played around with the different presets on various images, always making further adjustments to suit the subject, and have found some of the results quite appealing. Some of my favourites are what you see here, and no doubt I will continue adding more!
OpheliaDomed roof, Chatsworth houseSeaweedSackler Courtyard steps, V&ABlue whale, Natural History MuseumKew orchid 1Coastal pools I, BamburghAbbottsford leavesHispano-Suiza Skiff TorpedoCompound leafFireplace, Chatsworth houseCandleFire, Wallington hallIngleton falls trailMould on yoghurtLeaflets, CumbriaRecession, Saltburn beachLa Pedrera detail I, BarcelonaFoxgloves, CumbriaLippy, Seaton Delaval hall