Printing is the culmination of the photographic process and is very much an art in itself. I agonised for quite some time about selling prints from this website - using third-party printers and distributors simply did not appeal to me. I wanted to have as much control as possible over the final output, and so took great pleasure in learning about the finer aspects of inkjet printing.


I print my own work, currently on my trusty Epson SC-P600, which is an A3+ printer. Any image on this site is available as a print and will be quality-checked, signed and prepared personally. Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity and image story card - they provide technical details of the photograph, the print medium and also some background about the image, why and how it was taken. All prints are unmounted to allow you the choice of framing with or sans mount. They are all limited editions, limited to 25. Special editions are limited to 7. 


Available print sizes are A4, A3 and A3+, but please remember that I print all my images with a white border to allow signing, so the actual image area will be slightly smaller than the A-size. The border size will depend on the image aspect ratio, which can vary slightly between images. This true image size will be stated on the certificate but if you require it while the print is being prepared do let me know.

Pricing prints is always difficult. The value of an image lies in how much it resonates with the viewer, so the price one person is willing to pay could be wildly different from another. Ideally, I would price each image slightly differently based on my own personal factors, but this is impractical for a number of reasons. I have therefore adopted a simple strategy based on paper size, which makes it easier for everyone. The following prices are per print and include a signed certificate and image story card:

  • A4 (297x210mm)         £50
  • A3 (420x297mm)         £75
  • A3+ (485x330mm)       £90

I hope to be able to print A2 in the future as well but this will require a significant hardware change that I'm not quite prepared for yet! 


Prints are dispatched in rigid cardboard mailer envelopes with protective sleeves, but if they are to be presented as a gift I can substitute a slim archival presentation box for a £10 surcharge (simply let me know in the order request). 


To request prints please drop me a line from the 'contact' page stating the image title, size, quantity and whether you would like a presentation box. I will reply to you with my PayPal details and total costing to confirm. If you are not satisfied with your print for any reason they may be returned to me for a re-print (if faulty) or a full refund.