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Projects offer a tried and tested method of honing photographic skill and promoting a structured kind of creativity. Finding a worthwhile subject, though, can be frustrating - particularly when potential subjects are apparently all around us.

Following the course of a river from source to mouth always seemed a worthy challenge - both physically and photographically, but I didn't want to start out too ambitious. The Ganga seemed a tad excessive, and even the Thames would involve too much of a time and travel commitment to be feasible for someone who works full time. I therefore set my sights closer to home, and after initially considering the River Tees, I decided to start with the amiable yet fascinating River Tweed.

Forming the real physical border between England and Wales, the Tweed has the advantage of meandering from West to East across relatively flat terrain and, helpfully, within walking distance of a road through almost its entire length! No excuses then, but despite the easy access, it still provides some wonderful sights, sounds and stories as it makes its way to the North Sea.
Berwick-upon-TweedCurves and lines, BerwickFrosty birch, TweedbankTransport on the TweedTweedbank morn